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All the classifieds. Sell, buy, exchange. Furnitures, cars, sport equipement, books, services etc... View Discussions


Place for all classifieds regarding housing issues. View Discussions

Foodies zone!

Where to eat out, from where order in. How to cook and where to buy delicacies. The world is revolving around food. View Discussions

Work & business

Part time, full time, no time. :) View Discussions

FRO, VISA, and other fights with Indian beaurocracy ;)

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Life in Delhi/NCR

Delhi FAQ - where, what, why and how. Share your experience and advise View Discussions

Culture and leisure

Party invitations, cultural events, hobbies and other leisure time activities. View Discussions

Trips & travels

Travel plans, organizing trips together, sharing tips and experiences. View Discussions

Sports in NCR

Place to exchange tips about sport events, venues, shops, organize games etc View Discussions


All the off topics in the world! View Discussions


Let me know what you think of this site. Comments, suggestions, complaints, proposals... View Discussions



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