Dear Dillities! Yesterday I had a rare pleasure to enjoy a realy beef steak at friends bbq. That was imported (or actually - smuggled :P) from Europe, but I started to wonder, do you know places in Delhi where
a) one can buy decent quality raw beef?
b) one could enjoy well prepared beef steak..

And how much such pleasure would cost here...

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All TCI trainees just dream about that. Our boss should know, we will ask him! answer within few hours....
ah ah!!!
we have found a guy... "meat man" he calls himself!
and the beef is really good!!

he is in delhi but he delivers (not sure for gurgaon though...ask!)
011 65145549

We pay i think around 750 Rs per kilo...
Is this legendary beef man still alive or what? me want beef!!
I don't know about the "beaf man" but in the meantime, I've found few places for good beef.

Beef burgers: Cafe Oz, Mrs. Kaurs (both Khan Market) and Hard Rock Cafe

Tenderloin - french restaurant Le Petit **** in Moolchand (next to Flavours) - they also serve good pork! And we will arrange something there very soon as my friend works there.

Second place with surprisingly awesome tenderloin is Intermezzo in Defence Colony. This is also the only place in Delhi that used to serve Polish national dish Pierogi. They don't have it on menu anymore BUT they can prepare not only this, but also other Polish dishes on demand. And I will arrange a Polish feast there sometime soon.

So get ready foodies!

In all these places you need to spend around 400-500Rs for beef meal.
Exciting!!!!!!! I also had a beef burger in Baci (Sunder Nagar). It was... meh... nothing to write home about. Looking forward to eating a real beef burger/Steaks!!!

PS: I've heard Kobe in Ambience Mall also has steak, but have gotten mixed reviews. Anyone been there yet?
I know one Japanese Super Store in Safdajung Enclave (will try to find address and post later. There you can get all kind of meat and many seafoods cold store and clean. But beef is quite expensive around Rs.1000 a kilo ( for fillet) but very very good quality. You can buy fillet or tenderleoin and can also find pork, duck, ....

(Reviving thread for BEEF) Likely Yamato-Ya?  Ch. Harsukh Marg, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi, India, it's across from Deer Park, by the "It's Greek To Me" restaurant and cafe coffee day.  Haven't tried the beef yet (just moved to safdarjung) but this shop is recommended by the folks we're subletting from, 6-year expat Delhiites.

first, as a delhiite its mind-blowing how much beef is floating around delhi now because 5-10 years ago it was extremely rare...

recently enjoyed good tenderloin steak at Lodi Garden Restaurant... i ordered the peppered steak, well done. i was quite pleasantly surprised. steak was just right, very tasty, not too chewy, no excess fat...

still feel that the best steak and burgers in delhi are to be found at hard rock cafe... which is a little too loud a place for me, but seriously the 10oz burger is marvelous if you haven't tried it yet... unfortunately the 8oz steak then seems puny in comparison although it is tasty too...

when i had tenderloin at flavors a couple years ago it wasn't good meat and it was overcooked, really hard...

also negative experience at Cafe Oz i'm afraid i must mention - my burger arrived with a greasy napkin on the patty INSIDE THE BURGER... wtf? also not a fan of their pink mayo... anyway after complaining they did replace my burger with a new unsullied one, but it's still nowhere near as good as the Hard Rock's...

i've heard that the butchers in INA market near AIIMS / across Dilli Haat sell beef too...

also be aware there is a distinction whether you're getting the meat from buffalo versus cow... i'm pretty sure that no matter what you're told the likelihood is stronger - especially when the meat is ground up - that it's buffalo... which i think tastes tangier, like mutton...

ok now i'm hungry
after 1 year looking for it i found real beef meat, not smelling funky like the buffalo meat. tenderloin on top of that ha! in mehrauli, it's a muslim village on mg road. it's inside the market but only problem is that you have to go early morning (indian) around 9am. when i bought last it was for 300rs per kg.
though you can get it for the same price in a meat shop called kupchand that is in haus khas, in the same market where nirula is. ask discreetly to the owner. but choose carefully and ask them to clean it properly otherwise they will sell you the whole piece with all the nerves and the not so delicious meat around the tenderloin :P
post on yuni-net I found today. Most of places mentioned before, but few new additions as well:

*Cheese Burger only - Hard Rock Cafe - DT mall attached to Select Citywalk mall in Saket
*The Lodi Garden Restaurant in Lodi garden
*Smoke House Grill around GK-II
*French restaurant... Le P'tit Bar, at Moolchand market
*beef-steaks etc at most of the 5* hotels
*Bennigan's at gk2 m block market, great cheese burger and steaks
*Stone bar, in Defence Colony
**Muslim butcher which is happy to deliver beef - his number is +91 98-71-233395. Their tenderloin and sirloin arrive in enormous big cuts (e.g. 1kg)

hey, yes i know this muslim butcher "Salim", he use to bring me beef!! his meat is good, the last time he forgot to bring me 2kg of steaks, i payed without checking! not smart .... ,it was a lot of stuffs for new year, well i still waitting for my meat...i tryed to call him today but guess what?  no answer!  so please check on delivery!!!!

don-t trust , byeeeeeeeeeee




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