96 families gone homeless in Delhi - Let's assist! (blankets, tolietries, clothes, etc)


Alright everyone,


This is not what I do but thought I should at least spread the words across.

On the 6th Feb, I've been to Patel Nagar, where the slum area is. I was taken to the area by an NGO volunteer who runs Slum Children Educational and Development Trust. The purpose of the NGO is to uplift the children from the living conditions and provide them with education This slum area has a total number of 5,000 families living and sometime last week, 96 families have gone homeless due to a fire outbreak. I've done what I could and would encourage people to come forward to assist these families.


The area is badly affected and I plan to append some fotos in the next few days. If anyone is keen to help financially or donate items such as food ration, tolietries and blankets please contact Mrs Josephine Anandhi (President) of Slum Children Educational and Development Trust (NGO)  at  +91 9971834379. Every bit counts.........





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