Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the group so please forgive me if this question has been raised before - I did a quick search and found no results...

In the new year I'll be moving to Delhi for 1 year to work/volunteer. I've never been to India but I'm quite excited about this new adventure since I love to travel and explore different cultures. 

One thing I've been wondering a lot about is whether or not there are any black people in Delhi? Are there any black expats or is it common to see black tourists passing through? I've yet to find one blog or....anything written by a black person who has visited/lived in Delhi....I've even searched through the member pages on DilliNet (not all pages mind you) and haven't seen another black person....

I recently spoke with a lady (white) who has traveled extensively through India for the past few years and she said she has never seen one black person (male or female there). I spoke to another person (white) who has visited 3 times and they said the same thing...

Which leads me to Part #2 of my question - how might I be perceived/treated because I am black? (For example, might it be harder for me to find housing?) Will the fact that I'm black be an issue...and please, let's keep it real and be honest. Most Indians I've spoken to here at home (in Toronto) have said that I won't have any issues. That if I am 'stared' at - it will be because I'm a foreigner...and foreigners are generally stared at. Fine, that's cool - I get that and I'm okay with that. But these Indians I've spoken to are, mostly, first generation Canadians or if not are very...progressive and not old fashioned (if that has anything do with it). So maybe they're more...liberal and open to people of different races (well, obviously they are).

So yeah, that's my question(s). If anyone has any insight I'd be really interested in hearing. 

Please note I'm NOT trying to start a heated debate on racism...that's not the question. I'm really just curious if I'll see any other black people during my year there.

(and yes I'm aware that Indians come in all shades - I've met several darker than myself! but that's not quite what I'm talking about :)

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thank you for your comment Linda Marie. i've sent you a message privately and am genuinely interested to hear your perspective.
hey, no worries, there ARE quite a few. in fact there's a whole black community as a lot of people are studying there. i can introduce you to couple of friends.

and there are also other black people here - you haven't searched thoroughtly ;)

Like your friends told you - most of the time you'll end up being "starred at", but truth is that in some areas/communities you might encounter some sort of racism/aggression, but rather not from the educated middle class. And it's not very bad.

when are you coming down here?
Jacek thanks for your input :) i really appreciate it and it's nice to hae some kind of idea as to what can be expected. I'll be arriving in early March 2011.

ps. you're right...i've seen a few more on here :) i had just searched the first 4 pages then a few random ones...

hi, ive been living in delhi for quite a while now and there are a lot of nigerians/ africans, etc living here, working or even studying... so to clarify i dont think there is any need for you to worry. i truly dont think you should have a problem, usually everyone gets treated with respect as all the others do and i really dont think there should be a problem for you to travel or to find housing.

In fact, most of them are studying, as Universities here are better and cheaper than most in Africa.




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