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1. This is NOT a dating website. If you want to find a date: Stalking is the biggest offence here. We want everyone, especially women, to feel comfortable in this space, so please be sensitive and do not violate their comfort zone in any ways and be aware of possible cultural differences you might face.

2. Do not spam members. You're welcome to post any useful content, but do it once and in an appropriate place. Multiple posting will be treated as SPAM.

3. Do not offend or abuse anyone on this website, especially for ethnic, racial or gender reasons. If you come across such a behaviour, inform us on

4. Be active and share your knowledge and experiences. Members are the biggest value of this website and your insights are the best resource!

5. Be aware of cultural differences that might occur and try not to mis-interpret others' behaviours.

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7. Do not violate anyone's intelectual rights. If you want to repost a content from somewhere else, remember to link it back to the source.

8. If you want to take advantage of any discounts or offers directed at DEC members, please make sure you RSVP early enough. We might not be able to access Internet last minute.

9. This is privately owned and moderated community and administrator has a sole right to grant or deny membership or decide if any content is or is not appropriate for this website. This community has been created for expats in Delhi and NRI's who spend most of their lives abroad and returned recently. If you are not one, please do not be surprised or offended if you are not granted a membership. You might still be really awesome person - its just that you are not our target audience.

10. For commercial content such as advertising or events - please contact us at Multiple posts of strictly commercial character fall under the SPAM category!

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I was born in South Africa and visiting Delhi in December 2011 !




Your safety and comfort is our deepest concern.

Please avoid publishing your e-mail or phone numbers- they are visible to non-members as well. For own safety, use only internal mails/chat system for communication.

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