These three days have been an avalanche of disturbing informations about CWG. Just few links

What would be the end of this story? Massive national embarassment or a little jugaad and things will work out at the end?

Share you views guys!

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thodi thodi jugaad se saab kuch last minute hojayega don't worry about the games yaar
Yep. After all these are minor glitches.

"I would like you tell very categorically that these minor glitches and hitches do come around....but to make out as the whole thing is collapsing - I am sorry, we do not agree with that," Dikshit told reporters. "

Read more: CWG not collapsing, says Delhi CM - The Times of India
I think we just tried to over do things ...... "Rome wasn't build in a day " rite ........ Should have just concentrated on the games venue first n then the rest of the city ........

At present most of the things seem to be in order ........ Lets see wht impression it leaves on the visitors ...... Hope we dnt have any more bridges etc collapsing .....

Salute !!!!




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