Does anyone know, if the employment Visa regulations regarding the minimum salary level etc are still in force?

Is it hard to get the employment or business visa now?

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As far as I know visa criteria hasnt changed and still need to be earning quite a reasonable amount to get an employment visa. However I would double check with consulate/ embassy etc.





As I knew from the last two months the regulations is still running in all High commissions but, is not 100% grantee will let you register , according to your situation .

So minimum will take around 1 to 2 weeks to get it .

Best of luck

The minimum annual salary requirement is Rs11 lakh or the equivalent foreign currency. (For example, if you're a US citizen, it's about $25,000.) There are a few stated exceptions which include non-English language teachers as well as trades which require specialized skills - western cooks and athletic coaches. Lastly, there is also a murky category of embassy/UN people that are granted visas even though they may not meet the salary requirement.

Good luck!

Hi Noelle,


Where did u hear about these exceptions regarding an employment visa- athletic coaches and language teachers etc?? do u know where I can find info on the exceptions??? Ive never heard of this before.


Many thanks!


Natalie :):):)

yes but the teaching isnt teaching english is it?? i think its teaching other langauges?? do u know? thanks :):)




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