NEW DELHI: The government has decided that only highly-skilled foreigners, drawing annual salary of over $25,000, would be given employment visas but has lifted the cap on the number of overseas workers that can be engaged in a project. In an order, the home ministry nullified a labour ministry circular that capped foreign workforce to 1% of the total strength in a project, with a minimum of five and maximum of 20 people. 

The removal of the cap is expected to help power and steel projects, among others. 

"An employment visa is granted to a foreigner if the applicant is a highly skilled and/or qualified professional, who is being engaged or appointed by a company/organisation/ industry/undertaking in India on contract or employment basis," according to the home ministry guidelines.

Read more: Now, work visas only for highly skilled: Govt - The Times of India

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If you're extending Visa and are not meeting these criteria, you will be granted only 3 months EXIT visa, which allows you to leave the country in the period of 3 months, but not to re-enter it.

An article published in the Open Magazine: 

Check it out.

HI there. Sorry I havnt read teh articles you posted fully yet. Will read articles later. However if I was to come to Delhi and look for work when Im there is that not allowed? ie do I need to find work from outside India? Also I know you mentioned about something to do with India lifting cao on amount of foreign workers etc. However just want to confirm whether it still stands that foreign workers need to be earning more than $25,000 if they want to get employment visa for India?? If thats the case then looks like Ill be doing volunteer work :):).


Also do you have any info on starting up a business in India? Any info woudl be appreciated.


Many thanks,


Natalie :):):)




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