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I'm comin to India in August and was hoping to get me a tailor made suit in Delhi. I'll be in Delhi for 3-4 weeks, so I think that will be  enough time to get a good stitched one.

Do you have any kind of expierences with tailors in Delhi? Which ones would you recommend? I've heard of Vaish in Connaught Place, but spending abt 600 € for a suit, which I'll be wearing only once, is a bit too much. Are there any good tailors - not that expensive?


thanks in advance,



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Thanks mate =). Am not sure about what exactly you mean with "little expensive"...I was thinking of spending abt 20-25000 for the suit. Is that enough?
25 000 for a suit in Delhi? Thats a lot.
that's the absolute maximum. =)

I will be staying in Laxmi Nagar or sth like that. Does anybody know one there? =)
if you pay 25k for a tailored suit in Delhi, it would mean that either you got totally ripped, or you just bought a best suit in your life. Depending on a choice of materials and how pricey tailor is, it shouldn't come up to more than 15k, but you can get a decent one for as little as 3k!



dziękuję a lot Jacek. =)

It would be great if you could give me some specific Names and maybe their adress =)

sorry mate, the one I used in Delhi wasn't worth recommending. if you dig the forum though, there was similar topic before. I did mine in Bangalore.
Go to  Mohan Singh Building in  Connaught Place , that building is full with tailors select anyone of them , and my grantee all are professional 
thanks mate! definitely gonna go there =)




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