I have recently come to Delhi. I love good chocolate and I love baking! Back home I used to make tons of chocolate for my friends. Now that I'm in Delhi I have decided to make my hobby a part time job! and now my chocolaterie is open to sell chocolaty treats now! I've created a simple menu from which you can order. 

The chocolate that I use is premium quality chocolate (brought to Delhi by myself), and all the other goods are bought fresh daily, washed thoroughly.I maintain a very hygienic baking process.   

Please have a look. If you wanted to order something please give me a 24hr heads up. You can pick up your order at Defence Colony. 



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Yum they look delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodluck! :):):)

Thanks :) 

Dear Bella,

First City would love to know more and feature you in our food and possibly feature you in our nightlife section. How do we get in touch? You can reach us on firstcityeditorila@gmail.com.




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