HI there,


Im thinking of coming to India soon and Im wondering if anyone knows if I can get a pre pay simcard for iphone in India?


Please let me know if anyone has info.


Thanks a lot,


Natalie :):):):)

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Pre pay simcard that should say :):)



Yes, iPhone micro sims are available on prepay plans as well.  The company I use (Airtel) has plans for voice only and voice and data.



HI Ashim,


Thanks so much for your reply! Thats exactly the info I wanted. Great!!!! So I could get a micro sim for phone and data for the iphone with airtel? Awesome! Do u know if using Skype on the iphone would use up much data?


Thanks again so much for the info. Much appreciated!


Take care,




Natalie :):):)

Hey there I see form ur profile that u used ot live in LA. Thats awesome! I used to think occasionally of moving there myself. How is the life there? Im sure its great as great weather. Beach. Fun etc. How long did u live there for?? So u have lived away from Delhi for a long time then??


Anyway be cool to hear ur experiance of LA.


Take care,


Natalie :):)




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