Hello everyone, 

I have taken my love for travel and travel blogging to the next level, with an initiative to introduce fellow travellers to rural experiences in India. From living on an organic farm in Punjab, to experiencing royalty in a heritage bungalow amid a village cluster, India Untravelled introduces you to a side of India that few people have interacted with.

If you're looking for a quick weekend getaway from Delhi, feel free to get in touch with me at shivya@indiauntravelled.com :) 

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heya would love to join for wend getaways.....please do let me know as well!!!


Hey Shiksha, you're invited to join us for our first trip to Punjab, to celebrate the farm festival of Baisakhi from April 13-15. More details are at https://www.facebook.com/events/348576785166847/?ref=ts - Let me know if you're interested :) 

have you seen the website called villageways.com  ?

Yes, our concept is different in that it offers free & easy travel, and doesn't confine you to any fixed itineraries :)

Interesting Shivya.

Speaking of the unconventional travel, I did a purely recreational travel earlier this month exploring the hinterlands of Eastern UP - infamous for casteist and criminalized politics! 3 days on the road in Purvanchal, in the midst of the election campaign. No touristy destinations - just getting a pulse of how people think of elections, and through it - culture.

I managed to blog 1 of the 3 days here (other 2 will come when I get the time): http://arvindsaraf79.blogspot.in/

Very interesting!




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