Hi everyone, I am leaving delhi for Nairobi this december and would like to know what is the best way to ship cartons out. I don't have a container level but still I have 5-10 boxes to send to my new home. Any idea? recommendation?

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Hi, shipping companies will group your stuff in a container you do not need to fill it up all by yourself.

means I don't have to have enough to fill a container?

Any name of good shipping companies then?


hi Cecile, you can buy your own cartons from the market and pack everything in, seal it with scotch tape , go to any local post office and send it through SPEED POST. Its much cheaper than getting it couriered and its fast enough. The boxes reach anywhere in the world within a weeks time. Its cheap, fast and reliable.....try it out.

I would also love some advice on how to ship boxes back home.  I've been in Delhi a couple of weeks and have never seen anything resembling a post office anywhere.

Go to Pahar Ganj backpacker area. There are many places there that send parcels home for travellers to all places in the world via DHL AND TNT and all the main name couriers.


Goodluck :)




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