I am currently living in Safdarjung enclave (near green park metro station). I am looking for someone to take my spot in the apartment. I will be moving out so I may find a place with my girlfriend. The flat is two bedrooms, with one bedroom occupied by a 24 year old female. The apartment will be furnished with a stove, refrigerator, dinning table, western toilet and tv. The rent is 6,500 and will be available on the first of September. 

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I believe males will be fine, but the final decision of who she wants to live with is her's.

Hi Evan,


There is a spanish guy Juan who is arriving in Delhi on 16th of August and is looking for a flat so he may be very inetersted. He is on SDillinet also. Ill try get his email address for you.


Take care,


Natalie :):):)

I am hoping to get something concrete before the first of September. Is it possible for you to come before the first? I dont have photos right now, but I can get them. 




I've just arrived from the UK for a 6month internship here and looking for a place close to my office in safdarjung enclave!


I'm primarily looking for something now but you've mentioned its free from 1st sep?



I will be living in the apartment until the first.
Message me your number and I will call you.
Thanks for the interest, I will call you later.
Message me your number and I will call you.

Hi! I'm very interested in this, I arrive in Delhi august 17th, and need a room for a long time in the city.

I was to see when I arrive, it is posible? .

I'm a spanish musician, and go to Delhi for stoody english and play music whith some bands.

please write me soon.



Thank you everyone for your interest in the room. The room has been taken and is no longer being offered. I wish you all the best of luck with your future accommodations.




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