I just recently moved back to Delhi after being gone for three years. I am a board game enthusiast and looking for other people to play with. I only brought two games with me (Settlers of Catan, Cities and Knights), but I am willing to buy more if people are interested. Before we play, I was hoping to have a beer with those who want to play. This way we can all get to know each other a little before we start anything up.


I live in south Delhi near green park metro station. Please send me a message if you want to play or just get together and have a beer.



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hey there,


cool about the board games. i havnt played the ones u mentioned. do u play other games?? also backgammon??


how long u in delhi for?


take care,


natalie :):):)


take care,

I have decided to travel a bit and then come back to Delhi. I should be back in a month. After that I will be in Delhi for a couple months. 


I do like blackgammon, although it is my hope to set up a multi-player board game night. The specific games I like are german style board games, but I am usually up for playing any multi player game.



not sure about the german style games. im sure they are good. can u name a couple as wud be interested to look into them.


aside that monopoly is always good :):)


enjoy ur travels!!!!


im not in delhi yet. plan to go in august.


maybe catch a game with u then.


have fun,


natalie :):)

German style board games include: Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, Carassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Alhambra. The most popular game is Puerto Rico. You can read more about this style of board games on wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German-style_board_game




I love Settlers too - have a set as well. I am up for a Board game night - I miss them bad.


Do you want to do a board games afternoon (say on a Sunday) or night (say on a Friday or a weekday night)? I'll be up for that - we just need to find a place, and if it's an afternoon - even a coffee shop may work! I now Mocha in Def Col & GK is "board game friendly".

I am currently looking for a job, but have not succeeded in working yet. As a result I am free to play anytime... haha. I would really like to this weekend sometime. Let me know where and when you want to play and I will show up.
Board games sound like fun, Evan, even if I have never heard of the German ones. :)
Yup Monopoly is great, Am up for some parties anytime, as i dunno really know about the others and the way they are played.

Sounds good. Hopefully we can start things up in a month when I come back from my travels. Please dont worry, German style board gamming is not hard. :) 



And I agree monopoly is fun!
Oh my god, YES! I love Settlers of Catan, especially the Cities and Knights version. I'm in!
I am sorry I did not reply sooner. I left to do some travelling and forgot about this discussion. It seemed to me that there were not many people fond of Settlers. Anyway, I have cities and knights and the extension pack! It is my favorite game, but unfortunately it is hard to find people willing to play such an intense game. Hopefully we can get something going this weekend. Between you, "dumbest MIT," others and myself we should be able to get a game going. I am still not sure how to coordinate this so any suggestions would be helpful.




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