I just recently moved back to Delhi after being gone for three years. I am a board game enthusiast and looking for other people to play with. I only brought two games with me (Settlers of Catan, Cities and Knights), but I am willing to buy more if people are interested. Before we play, I was hoping to have a beer with those who want to play. This way we can all get to know each other a little before we start anything up.


I live in south Delhi near green park metro station. Please send me a message if you want to play or just get together and have a beer.



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Hey Natalie! Sounds great then. Will set up some games whenever u come :)
Adam, do you want to meet up at IHC on sunday at 11am?

i think this sunday is gonna be off for me, have an appointment at 12pm so kinda tight on the timing. But am free for tonight from 7pm though

Did you guys start playing already? seems like a great idea Evan. If you still play board games let me know, I don't mind learning how to play the ones I don't know. I'm a fan of Civilization PC game so I guess I would enjoy the ones you mentioned.

We have not started playing yet. Most of us work and have not had the chance to pick a time and place to meet. We can try to start another game, which I think will be very successful this time. When do you want to play and where?


I don't mind anywhere in south Delhi, I'm quite free these days so any evening whether week day or weekend would work for me. You can see when you are free and let me know

Hey guys, there has been some interested in trying to meet up again. So how about we meet up this Sunday at 4:00 PM. If you anyone has any suggestions where we should meet that would be great. Otherwise if nobody has any suggestions we can meet at my place, but I don't have any furniture. I live in Safdarjung enclave near green park metro station. 



I might be going to a couchsurfing gathering on Sunday at 5pm in Lodhi Gardens. Would be great if we all meet there or I might just join you guys a little later.

I am heading to Kashmir this weekend - doing an exploration of Sufi shrines and it's wonderful Sufi history! So, I'll be out of Sunday plans. Maybe next time.



hi even i want to  play these games before leaving india.. i am moving to germany  in this november.. before that i want to enjoy and do lots of shopping and travelling... so tell me  when u have the time..

 and if u have german games thats sound too intersting for me ..


 bye take care

 have fun



Do you guys want to play on Sunday, if so what time? After we figure out a time we can talk about the place. Please call me if you find dillinet to be cumbersome. 9958285495.
I can join on Sunday at 7:30/8:00pm. I'll give you a call tomorrow in case you are playing so that I can get to know the place




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