Looking for volunteers for La Via Campesina, International Farmers' Movement

Hi, my name is Laura Valencia and I'm the staff for La Via Campesina South Asia. Via is the largest social movement in the world, with over 250 million farmers, fisherfolks, indigenous people, and landless people fighting for food sovereignty. (www.viacampesina.org/en).

Some of our main struggles are - Seed sovereignty and Agroecology, Real solutions to climate change, free trade/WTO out of agriculture, agrarian reform, end to violence against women. You can learn more about our region's work at www.lvcsouthasia.blogspot.com .

We are looking for two types of volunteers :

1) communications volunteers to do journalistic blog posts about different organizations' work. like the most recent article on our blog

2) volunteers to help us with trainings such as women's training and youth training - as interpreters, logistics people, technical people

Via is an awesome organization doing really radical work on the frontlines, and strengthening the South Asia region is a major task.

I'm in Delhi til Friday and would love to meet up with anyone who would be interested in volunteering and getting involved. My number is +917829568173. My email is lvc.lmv@gmail.com. Please be in touch!

Thanks :)

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Hi I am interested in this volunteering please share more details




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