I heard some worrying news about employment visa rules being changed again? Anybody knows more details?


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I just got to know, that Indian embassy in Poland is not granting ANY more employent Visa's to India...

Anyone knows anything? How is it in other countries? How is it with extending existing Visa?
Apparently, now to get an emplyment Visa one has to earn 25 000$ a year.
minimum income of 11 lacs to get a visa
1: This is sad, because it will kill many opportunities for paid internships that young people would do.

They used to come on Entry Visa, but the government asked them to get a Business Visa. Then, the government asked them to get an Employment Visa instead.

It turns out that AIESEC India managed to get an exception, so that the internships that they 'sponsor' (i.e. broker) are allowed to come as Business Visa.

With this new policy, nobody in their right mind will get bright young people from abroad to do internships without going to AIESEC. The consequence is that AIESEC will now get a monopoly for all small companies and NGOs who wish to continue such programmes.

This one-size-fits-all approach shows a lack of maturity and very narrow analysis of the reality performed by the MHO.
Ok, Ladies & Gents,

salary cap has been removed!

Hi Jacek, I just got granted an employment visa.


There was a question in the application form relating to the salary level. On the form it is required to declare your salary (and/ or to attach a document stipulating the salary). Does this mean the $25,000 cap is back again? I'm not asking for myself, however my girlfriend also has an application going....

I actually had my visa extension refused and had to go back to the US to get a new visa over the BS with the %-wise regulation for the # of foreign employees. As we're a small company with me plus our interns, it was like 8% of the workforce was foreign. Fortunately, many BPOs are hiring foreigners to come in and address local markets (South America, Europe, etc) and this would have heavily impacted them, so they leaned on the government and greased a few palms and the magical Indian machine went to work. I'm glad this worked out in our favor!




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