Dear Members,


we are considering opening the website a little more to the world. Currently non-members can only see the front page, while all the other sections are invisible to them. We would like change it.


On Friday we will change the network settings so that everyone can browse through the website content - including forums, events and static content. This way even people who don't want to register will benefit from the information posted on this forum (ps. once again - we strongly encourage you to share whatever information&tips you think other members might find useful!).


We would do so for a test period of one week, after which we would request your feedback. Registration still will be required to be active member - participate in discussions, send internal mails or attend events.


But that also means, that some of the information which were visible only to members now will become completely public. We assume that anyway - considering there is over 800 members on this forum - you have not been sharing anything you wouldn't want to be public, but please look once again at your profile information and make sure you do not share your phone number, adress, personal e-mail ID or any other information you wouldn't like to be visible. You can also set your profile to be visible only for members of only your friends - simply go to settings page / privacy in your profile section.


We would also request all of you to notify us whenever you encounter behaviours you find inappropriate on this forum. Spamming, stalking and offensive behaviours are not accepted here and while we can see the activity on forum, only you know what is flowing into your mail boxes. Please do let us know if you face any problems here.

If you haven't done that yet, please read Terms Of Service and Code Of Conduct


Thank you and Happy networking!

DilliNet Crew



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Your safety and comfort is our deepest concern.

Please avoid publishing your e-mail or phone numbers- they are visible to non-members as well. For own safety, use only internal mails/chat system for communication.

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