My visa expires soon and I plan to go to Nepal to get a new Indian visa. How long do I have to wait to get a new visa? I know I am suppose to be out of the country for at least two months or have an urgent need to re-enter the country sooner. Is this usually any easy process and I can get my visa less than two months?

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Hey Evan,

You can probably go to the FRRO and ask for an authorization to reenter the country before the 2 months gap and show them your tickets to Nepal.

Good luck!


are you on a business visa ? Cause depending on your visa you will not be able to get a new one in Nepal and come back to India.
You can always call at the embassy in Nepal, they provide you all the info u need.

I applied for an extension of my visa last week and it´s not easy at all.

Do you wanna come back on holidays or you already have a company which will hire you ?

If you send more the details many people will advice on Dillinet for sure.

All the best !

Hi Evan,


I suppose you are in India on a tourist visa. First question you have to ask yourself is, are you sure that you can get a Visa in Nepal? To my knowledge you only can apply for a visa from your own country. And yes it will not be easy to overcome this two month away regulation.


A visa you can get within one day, but you have to wait 2 month before you can reenter India.

I am on a six month tourist visa. When my visa expires, I was thinking that I would go to Nepal via train/taxi and then reapply for an Indian visa in Kathmandu. I have already heard mixed rumors about doing this. I was hoping to receive more concrete information about this topic. 


The rumors that I have heard: this is a very easy process and I can not extend my visa in India, but I must go to Nepal (I dont have to go back to America). 




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