Has anyone been through the PAN card application process? 

I will coming to New Delhi early September on an employment visa and will be paying my own taxes and was told by my employer to get a PAN card. The application process seems confusing, requesting various codes that I'm not sure where to find. (Some include: AO type, Range Code, AO number). Also, I don't yet have a permanent address, what do I put down when applying for things like this when I'm still living in the US. 

Anyone done this and have any advice? 


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To be quite honest, it is a bit inconsiderate for your employer to leave this up to you. A PAN card as i've recently found out is a social security number: a bit hard to fill in any of the information like address, bank account, cell phone number: when all of these things, ask for each other (the typical: can't open a bank account until you have a permanent address, can't have a permanent address until you have a bank account - why is it we get the same issue in every single country and noone has tried to resolve this?)

I'd seriously ask for an email address of someone 1)working there 2)another expat who had to go through the same process as you will have to. My employer is taking care of all of this for me seeing as it's hard enough doing this in a new country but having to sort this out in broken English is just as frustrating. 

Good luck and I hope someone with experience posts back here!

Thanks for the advice Charlotte! I have a friend whose parents live in Delhi, so might just ask to use their address in the meantime. I'm not sure if my employer is totally used to having American expats. That's the benefit of the doubt I'm going with anyways... I've had issues getting all the required paperwork necessary to apply for a visa as well. Thanks again for responding to my post! 






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