Photowalk - Qutub Minar complex & Mehrauli Archaelogical park

Dear All,

I'll be spending the last Saturday of the year walking around Qutub Minar / Mehrauli areas, and will invite you to join for the same. Here's the plan.

We'll start really early (7.30am - I know, crazy - but that's a part of the fun!) - get our tickets and then walk around the Qutub complex, talking / chatting about the history and architecture of the place (the complex is an amazing example of coming of age of Islam in India - with its own architectural elements taking into Hindu ones!), and taking pictures (you are welcome even without a camera!). Probably the entire complex should be done by 10am (before the tourists start pouring in!)

We'll then settle in Mehrauli archaelogical park for a (hopefully sunny!) refreshment time / picnic - people are encouraged to bring in snacks to share (not required though - carrying one's own good spirits is good enough!)

The enthusiastic ones amongst us can then head for more history / architecture / photography in the Mehrauli Archaelogical park itself!

RSVP on:

Details: Date / time: 31st Dec (Saturday), 7.30am

Meeting point: Qutub Minar Complex Parking lot

   (on map )

Contact: (incase you have questions, need help with directions etc) +91 88601 93385

Qutub Minar complex tickets: Rs 10 for Indians, Rs 250 for non-Indians. Mehrauli Archaelogical park is free entry.


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I would love to join in...should be fun !

Sounds fun! I RSVPd




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