Hello all,

I will be going to India to study abroad this Fall, and will be completing an internship prior to this and will be doing so under a tourist visa.  Therefore, I will need to switch visas in the middle of my trip and am not sure if I need to return to the states to do this.  Does anyone have experience switching types of visa's?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer!

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Hi Carrita,

Actually, based on my experience, tourist visa is valid only for tourist or visiting family/friends. For studying, you'd better have a student visa or at least Entry Visa (which you can convert to Student Visa in India after your internship is done). The most important thing you need is the sponsor letter from the company that you're doing the internship in. You can convert the Entry Visa in FRRO. It's quite challenging and patience-consuming, but not impossible at all.

Good luck!





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