Everyone discuss the places to go to, but isn't it a more useful knowledge to recognize places where one absolutely shouldn't go?

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McDonald's. Awfully bland food. Getting used to Indian food, going to McDonald's was a terrible experience of no taste, and no nutrients. The sundae was tasteless and artificial. The Maharaja Mac (don't be fooled by the name) was anything but royal, equally void of taste (and of tomatoes).

This experience is from the one in MGF Mall in Gurgaon, but they pride themselves in coherence, so I am betting it is the same everywhere.
Haha, I agree....

From international junk food, I think KFC is the best.

Let me ask the question differently - what are the "poisoning prone" places? ;) After visiting which restaurants you have fallen sick?
Hahaha ....apologies could not resist!!
Of all the places in the world how did you choose that plastic factory. Now some self illumination....Indias first Mac was 2 kms from my Univ in Vasant Vihar and today after 20 years (or so i am not sure!!) i have not gone and eaten in one yet. No JNU Anti- Amercianism!! just cant understand our circle of freinds legs just dont take us there. My American freinds themselves call it crap! Have been on streets in other countries with 4 Macdonalds on one street still prefferred to a Turkish corner shop or some Lebanese or Bangladeshi stuff!!!
The worst place to eat in Delhi is my flat. Sometimes we just have bhujia sandwiches without butter.
loooll thanks Nathan we won`t come to your place for sure!

Let's start a list of the restaurants, with name and address, and specify why we are not happy with ( food poisoning, very bad service, neverending delays, not clean etc... )

But please, don't just take a revenge on one because the bill was too salty ;-)



well, good parties & good food don't usually go hand in hand ;)
hi Christiane i guess if you have to complain about change you have to send details at the place. to talk never makes change but every time try to be part of the change! check online the number of the cafe and inform about them about things to change!!! that's how we can change the word...

I have fallen sick after eating out in Fresco', although it was just once and I was the only one in the group, so probably I was simply unlucky. 


I really dislike the famous Big Chill. I've eaten there twice and it had very little to do with italian food. As for the quantity and quality - definitely overpriced as well and the service was sluggish. Don't understand the phenomenon of this place, although I admit their desserts are good.

McDonald's for sure. KFC would be 2nd. please beware ! dont eat this shit !

nothing wrong with a good old kfc or maccey d's from time to time hehehe :):):)




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