The Oxford Square School is a private institution that provides slum children with free education. The school is looking for expats, preferably native English speakers, willing to volunteer 2 hours a day, 2 days a week to teach conversational English.


Oxford Square is located in Okhla, which is easily accessible from South Delhi. The children are adorable and many of them already speak great English. I've been volunteering at the school for the last 4 months, but am on my way out of India, so I am looking for a replacement.


When I started volunteering at Oxford, I felt like I was teaching them my time; 4 months later I realize that the kids have given me so much more than I ever gave them. I am very sad to leave!


If you have the time or the interest, send me an email ( and I can give you more details. You could also stop by the school to check it out and see if it seems like something up your alley. 





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