Who are we?

We are the Delhi Expat Club or DEC, a social club whose only aim is to get professional expatriates networking together in pubs, clubs, restaurants, social gatherings etc here in Delhi so we can all share each other’s global experiences and make truly wonderful friends along the way. We can also mutually help each other get settled in this city and adjust to the culture during our stay here. 

Primal feature of DECis the discussion forum, where expats can post all sorts of classifieds, discuss current issues and exchange experiences. In addition to it, we try to provide valuable content about life&culture in Delhi and from time to time - organize integrating events.

Why is my membership pending?


DEC is a network for expats and NRIs with foreign nationality. We reserve the right to grant membership to people who do not fulfill these criteria, but we are not obliged to do so. 


We do not discriminate any ethnicity, race, gender or sexual orientation.

DEC is a moderated network primarily due to concerns about members privacy and security and in order to preserve its identity and keep the target group consistent. 


For everyone whose membership is pending, we extend an invitation to our Facebook fan page, which is open to everyone.

Why is it important to complete my profile?


Other than helping us with the initial moderation, having a complete profile is important to take a full advantage of this website.


DEC is a networking site - by joining, you are becoming a member of a community created to help each other. Hence mentioning what you do and how can you help, will make it easier for other members that may seek this help. And you can benefit yourself if everyone else does the sam.

What to do if someone is spamming or stalking me?


Please contact us at delhiexpatclub@gmail.com. If possible - attach a proof of misbehaviour i.e. a print screen of the message.


Who can see my profile on DEC? Privacy settings.


The DEC website can be viewed by anyone, but only registered members can participate in Forum discussions, post blogs or RSVP on events.


Remember, that unless you change your settings - everyone who comes on the website can see your profile.

It's also indexed in the Google search. But you can easily change settings to "members only" (recommended)  or even "friends only". Just go to your Profile -> Settings -> Privacy and update your settings.


Please remember, that your content on forum is still visible to anyone, hence avoid publishing your personal info such as address, phone number or e-mail. When required - use internal communication system (mails or chats)


How can I leave this website?


If you're not in Delhi anymore or would like to leave DEC for any other reason, simply go to your Profile->Settings and at the bottom you will have option "Leave Delhi Expat Club". Just click it and if possible - tell us why. All feedback is welcome!




Companies or service providers interested in advertising services or events for expats on DEC, please get in touch on delhiexpatclub@gmail.com


Read also: Code Of Conduct






Your safety and comfort is our deepest concern.

Please avoid publishing your e-mail or phone numbers- they are visible to non-members as well. For own safety, use only internal mails/chat system for communication.

Read further:

Code Of Conduct


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