April 2010 Blog Posts (4)

IT Addons; SOCIAL network tips

The “Koobface” virus (Facebook’s big virus) is at it again and this time, hitting the Twitter folks too. This means that Social Network Platforms like NING....Dillinet.ning.com might not be on the exemption list.

Websites are getting hit also, so it is not just a Facebook or SN[Social Network] thingy.

Below is a short list of things to watch out for:

* Links sent to you from friends you don’t communicate often with.

*… Continue

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IT Addons; PC Fix of the Week

Wow, It is SUMMER! So what about it? Let's find out in the below question.

Q: Why does my Laptop SUDDENLY shut down by itself without warning?


The temperature has gone quite high and most…

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IT Addons; Habits

As you would be very aware, HABITS are very easy to form but quite difficult to let go of. Unfortunately, habits tend towards the negative side which we oft wouldn't like to easily accept.

Today, i am briefly discussing one of the IT-related habits.

Let's title it: "Leaving your PC or Laptops plugged to electricity all day".

It's surprising to note that we would not easily see the attached danger in this habit especially for… Continue

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IT Addons; Intro

As in the above, IT Addons is all about things you do to keep your IT lifestyle in shape from update, upgrade, edit, management/maintenance to tweaks and lest i forget, the "donts" too.

This is just the introduction...so...Look forward to the next post. Challo!

Feel free to add your comments, observations, additions and subtractions, for they are all welcome.…


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