At the FLIPSIDE: Hauz Khas' New Crepe Cafe Offers Culinary Coziness


In America, it takes at least five or six times of frequenting a cozy new restaurant before you can claim it as part of your scene. At Flipside Cafe in Hauz Khas Village, though, I knew within ten seconds of walking through the door that I'd be coming back again and again. And again.


I've been there three times this week.


There are many things I enjoy about this new crepe/pizza/cake/coffee/hella-good-chicken-schnitzel-special cafe. Primarily, the people who run it are nice and young and spirited and really, really good at making food. There are a number of tables to dine at, but the couch in the corner (upon which a guitar rested yesterday when I walked in) makes me feel like I'm walking into a friend's house. A friend who wants to feed me delicious bits from the kitchen, and those are my very favorite kinds of friends.


The menu offers a variety of crepes, categorized into sweet and savory columns, and there are a bunch of pizzas, too, served by the slice. The first time I had the pleasure of dining at Flipside, I customized my own crepe (200 rupees) and chose mozzarella, cheese (asiago, I think they said), ham, and caramelized onions.


As I took the first bite of my perfectly-folded golden treat, I listened to the lyrics of the song playing over the speakers, some old school crooner, “It's youuuu I looooove...” and as I let my cheese, and my other cheese, and the crisp/soft crepe, and the flavorful ham, and the so-many-too-good caramelized onions melt into my tongue, I told my friend, “I dedicate this song to my crepe.”


And I meant it wholeheartedly.


Since then, I've switched first to mozzarella, cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, and Béchamel sauce (which the owner, Ravi, has been kind enough to pronounce for me when I point to it on the menu). To my delight, it was even better than the first one, and my third one was out of this world when I kept the formula the same but added chicken.


I've also tried the Banana Power crepe, a wonderful combination of banana and nutella folded into its warm little crepe pocket. Try one – it'll make you melt into your chair a little bit.


My friend ordered the special yesterday, Chicken Schnitzel, and it took quite a bit of willpower not to pluck the golden roasted potatoes from his plate with my fork. The presentation was gorgeous, and I can't wait to get my taste buds all over it next time.


The problem with these specials, and the offerings of pizza, is that I love my crepe combo too much to try anything different. But I did see someone else eating a slice of Tonno e Cipolla (tuna n' onions) pizza, and it looked legit.


The bottom line is that this place is in a killer-cool location, right behind TLR (on the Flipside, na?) and that some really friendly, great people run it, the décor will make you feel right at home, the music will make you want to wiggle, the free wifi will make you want to shout, “Woooot!”, and the food quality will keep you salivating whenever it crosses your mind.


So get in there, huh? Try it out, and maybe I'll see Flipside.  

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Comment by Yasmine MEZIANE on March 14, 2011 at 2:30pm
Thanks Brandi! Really crave for crepes!!!
Comment by Brandi Dawn Henderson on March 14, 2011 at 2:56pm
Me too, Yas. Meeeee toooo. = )
Comment by hoahomi on March 14, 2011 at 6:24pm
Would definitely check this out. Wow you will be soon the guru of Hauz Khaus Village area :D (Take it as the compliment :P )
Comment by Rosaline Mualchin on March 25, 2011 at 4:22pm
awesome... shifting that side ..soon .... so am looking forward to my cups of coffee and good muzic !!


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