Hello to all you budding creative writing geniuses! 


In receiving feedback on the personal writing goals of interested parties, I've come to the conclusion that there is a flaw in the current setup of the course. While group courses are nice because we're able to learn from one another, it seems each of you has specific goals and individual starting points, which leads me to believe that one-on-one courses will be more beneficial.
That, my friends, is good news for you.
It means we can shape the course to match the creative writing topic you're most interested in, that we can start at the level that's most appropriate for you, that you'll receive more one-on-one feedback, and that we can work out days and times that will be most convenient for you.
Originally, group classes were slotted for 2 hours, with that time period divided amongst five students. Now, time slots will be 1 hour, giving you and your writing far more individual attention. Prices will remain the same, at 500 Rs per class.
The pace at which we take the course is up to you. If you want to meet once a week, that's fine. Twice a week, every other day, or five times a week is fine, too. We'll take it at your pace, and go until you feel comfortable with what you've achieved.
I look forward to hearing from each of you to secure your individual time slots, and I'm excited to work with you in order to help enrich and expand your writing worlds.
Brandi Dawn Henderson
MA Writing | Creative Nonfiction
Johns Hopkins University

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