Portraits of DilliNeties: Dave Prager (from Our Delhi Struggle)


Where you from and since when are you in Delhi? 

After eight years in New York City, the Big Apple just didn't feel big enough. So in November, 2007, we moved to Delhi. We spent 18 glorious months there.


What brought you here?

I was working for an advertising agency in NYC. They were opening up a Delhi office.... and they needed someone to help out. So off we went!


What was your first impression of this city? How has it changed since you've been living here?

I remember my first afternoon in Delhi: I was absolutely terrified of the honking, speeding, insane traffic in my neighborhood: GK II. After a few weeks, I started to realize that GK II was actually a quiet oasis of peace.


What is the most interesting story that happened to you in Delhi?

Every day in Delhi is an interesting story. That's why I wrote a book about it.


Living in Delhi isn't easy and we all make mistakes here. Any lessons you would like to share with other members?

Always figure out the name and location of the nearest hospital BEFORE your wife gets sick at 3 AM. A little planning ahead will save you a lot of gastroenteritis-causing misdiagnoses.

Also it's worth getting up early to beat the traffic. Driving to Gurgaon on a foggy winter morning, you'll see the blue kingfishers flitting from the power lines -- a truly peaceful sight.


Top 3 things one must do while living in Delhi?

1) Saravana Bhawan: the appams in hot coconut milk is what angels must taste like. 
2) Roshan di Kulfi: arrive hungry, try everything on the menu, but make sure you save room for kulfi falooda!
3) Carrot halwa near Jama Masjid: try it with a glass hot spiced milk, and Delhi's winter won't bother you any more.


Top 3 places you can't miss when here?

1) The Old City
2) The ruins at Hauz Khas Village 
3) Did I mention Roshan di Kulfi?


What's next for you?

We're returning to India in February when Harper Collins India publishes my book about our lives in Delhi. It's a humorous travelogue about life in this incredible city. Like Bill Bryson, but with more overeating.


Got website?

Indeed: OurDelhiStruggle.com


Thanks a lot!


Dave Prager about himself:


I'm an advertising writer by day, helping big companies make big money off small people. I lived in New York City for nine years before my opportunity to work in Delhi came -- and suddenly my nights were filled with exploration and amazing food and the friendliest people in the world. The experience inspired a blog and the aforementioned book. Maybe someone will turn it into a movie as well? Fingers crossed -- as long as I'm played by Saif Ali Khan.


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