In May, I'll take over as the expat columnist at First City Magazine. The other day, I went in to meet with the editorial staff so we could discuss the future of the column, where I think I might want to take it, etc. In our discussion, I talked a lot about Hauz Khas Village. I know this place inside and out, and am delighted to be able to nod hello to at least four or five people I know every time I walk from autorickshaw to Flipside Cafe (which is often. I'm at Flipside now.) But. Here's the thing: Delhi's huuuuge. Huuuuge.


Granted, I've only been here three months, but I don't know anything else at all about the rest of the city. I'd like to, though. And I think I'm right in guessing that you do, too.


If Delhi had neighborhood teams, I (of course) would be on Team Hauz Khas Village. And I'd play hard to be sure everyone knew just how good my team is. So, how about it Team Green Park? Team CP? Team East of Kailash? Come on and bring your best game.


Share with us the merits of your turf so we can promote the best of Delhi Proper in the Coolest Guide to Delhi Ever Made.


C'mon and comment. You've got a place in mind - I know you do...

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Comment by Yasmine MEZIANE on April 7, 2011 at 12:04am
I am Hauz Khas team!!! anyone else from Hauz Khas?
Comment by Jacek on May 24, 2011 at 3:01pm
Aida - "Me!" meaning? :)

@all - what do you think should be in the guidebook?


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