Couple just arrived for long-term Delhi stay - would love to meet up with other ex-pats

We are only getting an Indian phone today, so we don't yet have a phone number, but you can e-mail us here and we'll see it shortly.  My wife and are American and are pretty overwhelmed by the city.  For what it's worth, we don't drink, smoke or do drugs, but we're not boring!  We would love to meet up with some friendly faces, perhaps to shop or see a site or meet for lunch.


Gary & Robin

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Hello! My husband and I are in the exact same boat as you! We've been here about 1.5 weeks, so we may not be too much help, but we would love to meet people :) you can message me for my phone number and email :)

I sent you our contact info. :-)

FYI, the Dillinet called us Grace & Robin, but we're actually Gary & Robin!  We're still very open to meet-ups - contact us and we can give e-mail and phone number as well!

Two places we've yet to go are the Lotus Temple and the Red Fort.  Would anyone (maybe a couple or two) like to join us one day soon to go one of these places?  Send me a message with your contact info, and I'll give you mine!




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