Dear All,


I love learning languages - and got particularly hooked to it learning French and Spanish (while staying in France & Southern California respectively) the Michel Thomas way! Taking the Michel Thomas approach and adopting it for Hindi - here are a few trials!


Here is a group for beginner's who want to learn Hindi. We'll explore conversational Hindi using a logical buildup approach (something like Michel Thomas uses). The plan may include meeting twice a week, upto 3-5 hrs total -- at a coffee shop in CP or South Delhi. If you're interested - signup here, and I'll get back with details:


I owe a disclaimer, however - I do not have a prior experience teaching Hindi. Hindi is my mother tongue, I love learning new languages, and I believe Hindi can be taught in a much better way. It is a purely voluntary non-commercial pursuit - my interest in it purely for fun. My full time job is quite different - I am a computer science engineer, started off my PhD in Computer Science at MIT, moved back to India, worked at Google for a couple of years, and now run a healthare social enterprise.



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Hey Arvind,

What a great idea,


So cooll!!! Iam in but depends on the day and time!!!
Btw - a quick update - the group is on, having met twice - and the students made significant progress. While some of the students are away, I'm doing a couple of sessions for absolute beginners again to let them catch up with the main group. If you're interested, fill in this form:

Just saw this update! What days are you meeting? I'm interested! I've been trying to teach myself (from a book) but this sounds but more fun!!


We're starting yet another set of Hindi lesson sessions - with some revisions to the format based on prior experience. These will be over 5 weeks - Dec 22nd to Jan 26th. Details and signup form on:

I might be interested depending on the time and day.

By popular demand, the days have been changed to after the Holiday season. Timings we are looking at is 7-10pm on Thursday evenings. More details and signup form on:

Hi Dumbe,

would have loved to join, but Thursdays not possible from my side!!!




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