Let's make a comprehensive list of all markets in Delhi, including where they are and - most importantly - what can one find there.

This could be a good start, but I think there's way more than this:

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1. Dilli Haat

This huge Delhi market has been deliberately made to feel like a traditional weekly village market, called a haat. Small thatched roof cottages with a village atmosphere give it great ambiance. The market offers an exciting blend of handicrafts, food, and cultural activities. You'll find 200 stalls with craftsmen displaying their wares from all over the country, over 25 food stalls serving a variety of regional specialties, and a special play area for children. The cultural and music evenings are enthralling as well. The entry fee is 15 rupees (35 cents). Don't miss it!

* Location: Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi.
* Opening Hours: Daily from 10.30 a.m. to 10 p.m., including national holidays.
* What to Buy: Indian handcrafts and artifacts.

2. Janpath and Tibetan Market

This very popular and lively Delhi market, which was recently given a makeover, has something for everyone. You'll find goods from everywhere in India and Tibet here, and it's a great place to shop for things to take back home. However, you'll need all your bargaining skills to get a really decent price.

* Location: Janpath, just off Connaught Place, in central New Delhi.
* Opening Hours: Daily.
* What to Buy: Handicrafts, hippy clothing, shoes, paintings, brassware, Indian artifacts, leather work, and cheap jewelry.

3. Khan Market

Khan Market is a small, U-shaped, well established market that's one of Delhi's classiest. Bargain hunters are likely to be disappointed at this market. It's got a loyal following who go there to shop at its branded outlets. One of the best things about this market is its interesting book shops. It's also got some excellent tailors who will make you a suit in less than a week. For Ayurvedic food, medicine and skin care check out Biotique, and Khadi. Hidden away, you'll find some great lounges to relax in, many with balconies overlooking the street.

* Location: South New Delhi, not far from India Gate.
* Opening Hours: Daily except Sundays.
* What to Buy: Books, music, branded and tailored clothes, Ayurvedic food and cosmetics, and lamps.

4. Paharganj

Some of the best bargain shopping in Delhi can be found in the crumbling and chaotic Main Bazaar of the Paharganj traveler ghetto. Many of the shops in Paharganj also deal in wholesale and export to foreign countries, making it a good place to come and hunt out unique and inexpensive goods to import back home.

* Location: Paharganj Main Bazaar, opposite the New Delhi Railway Station.
* Opening Hours: Daily until around 9 p.m.
* What to Buy: Clothes, shoes, jewelry, books, music, textiles, handicrafts, hookah pipes, incense.

More Info
5. Chandni Chowk

The shopping district of Chandni Chowk has been in existence for hundreds of years and an exploration of its winding, narrow alleyways is certainly an adventure. The lanes of Chandni Chowk are divided into bazaars with different areas of specialization. For fabrics, head to Katra Neel. In the Bhagirath Palace area, you'll find a huge range of electronics. Dariba Kalan is Old Delhi's ancient silver market full of silver jewelry. Food vendors in Chandni Chowk also serve up a delicious assortment of Delhi street food.

* Location: Old Delhi.
* Opening Hours: Daily except Sundays.
* What to Buy: Fabrics, jewelry, and electronic goods.

6. Lajpat Nagar (Central Market)

The hectic Lajpat Nagar market provides an interesting glimpse into Indian culture. It's one of the oldest markets in India and is abuzz with middle class Indian shoppers, all swarming around its roadside stalls and showrooms. One of this market's main attractions is the Mehendiwalas, who will apply beautiful Henna designs to your hands with astonishing speed. You'll also find reasonably priced Indian kurti tops and salwaar kameez suits here.

* Location: South New Delhi, near Defence Colony (between Greater Kailash and South Extension).
* Opening Hours: Daily except Mondays.
* What to Buy: Indian clothing, shoes, bags, accessories (including Indian bangles), and home furnishings.

7. Sunder Nagar

This quaint market attracts quite a few rich Indian socialites because of its art and antique shops. It's a well-designed market in an upscale neighborhood. You'll also find some wonderful tea shops there. Try the Regalia Tea House and Mittal Tea House.

* Location: Off Mathura Road in central New Delhi, not too far away from Connaught Place, near the zoo and Oberoi Hotel.
* Opening Hours: Daily except Sundays.
* What to Buy: Silver jewelry, art, textiles, carpets, and antiques.

Complimentary link: Bargaining In India Tips

Please follow this structure: description, location, opening hours, what to buy

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That list above is a good start.

Also add:

Sarojini Nagar - super-cheap clothing & apparel - shoes, bags, shades, watches, accoutrements, etc. etc. all pirated wares + export rejects, all dirt cheap and bargainable, a lot of fashionable-looking stuff... definitely way more stuff for the ladies but guys can definitely walk out of there with a few super cool T shirts...
yes, and how to reach Sarojini in a lower cost manner?

1. If coming from Lajpat Nagar
Get bus number 724 at Andrews Ganj, get down at Nauroji Nagar, then you can walk inwards or take a rickshaw if you are lazy ;)

2. If coming from Nehru Place
Get bus number 724 in front of Nehru Place terminal, get down at Nauroji Nagar, then you can walk inwards or take a rickshaw

3. If coming from Gurgaon:
a) Reach Dhaula Kuan [can take call centre cabs running from IFFCO Chowk to Dhaula Kuan] Then take 724, get down at Nauroji Nagar, then you can walk inwards or take a rickshaw.

Nearby attractions (within 5 to 6 km):

1. Safdarjun Tomb
2. Lodhi Gardens - at lodhi road, go to India Habitat Centre and reach American Diner for nice atmosphere and throughout the day non veg (chicken) and alcohol.
3. HUDCO Place/ Anzar Plaza - one of the oldest and biggest shopping malls in Delhi.
4. Khan Market - see jacek's description above
5. INA market
6. Houz Khas
7. Defence Coloney
G.K-1 , M Block Market.
Buzzing. One of the more multi-purpose markets in delhi, developed in the 1970's by DLF, built around a small park (very typical structure for that time), it was and still is one of the most popular markets where one can find almost everything. Before the onset of large malls within the city, such as Select city walk, GK-1 M Block was very crowded, almost to the point of claustrophobic. Now however, I'd choose this any day over going to a mall, since most of the junta has shifted to the extremely crowded air-conditioned mall interiors, and breathing space has reincarnated here.

Location : GK 1 M Block
Opening Hours : 10 am - 8 pm / restaurants open until later

What you will find :
*Branded clothes/footwear/bags/accessories [Esprit, EDC, Giovani, Miss Sixty, Next, Sisley, Lee, Puma, Addidas, Reebok, Bizzare, Artileore, La Coste] *Much Cooler Cheap clothes/footwear/bags/accessories [often exported from Thailand/Bangkok] *'Morning Stores' : one of the oldest, tiniest, and first 'Supermarket' - type shops in the city, where one can find everything one would want to look for in a modern supermarket.* Tailoring shops in the back streets (My favourite is Rinku tailor who sits a few shops before Kunchal store, right next to the laundry/drycleaning service) *Yes, there's a great laundry/drycleaning service too, run by an old respectable Sardar-ji
Also :
*Large and tiny cosmetic shops *Tons and tons of street Jewellery *Silofer (one of the best silver jewelry shops in the city) *A few other silver shops underground *Two of the best Mehndi/Henna artists in the city (sitting right opposite a large gift shop Rio Grande) *Electronics/gadgets *Piercing *Pubs *Coffee places (CCD, Costa etc) *Fresh Juice stalls *Chaat *Money exchange (inside the Paan/Cigarette/Juice shop *Pet Shop * Junk/Fast food * And finally, a few pretty good restaurants
you forgot 24/7 hot dogs and mango tarts!
Mango tarts would be GK-2 m.block market, not GK-1 m.block ;)
But now that you remind me, this market's totally in the list too.
Coming up shortly.....
true, thought this was GK2 :)
Good Initiative Jacek!!!

Perhaps I should bring in my expertise - easy public transportation :)
I was more curious about specialty markets. The main ones everyone knows. But in Delhi there are places you go for specific things. I know there is a leather market in Chanyakapuri, I know there's a furniture market somewhere, Tibetan market in the North Delhi, etc. But don't know too many details
Where is it exactly, when is it open and how to reach there?

Kirti Nagar is one of the biggest furniture Market in Delhi, go there and ask for the " Furniture Nagar" you'll find a place where everything can be custom made and delivered within 2 weeks... very good carpenters.

I've got my beds from there... unbeatable prices :-)


Do you know how late it's open, whether they can deliver things more quickly than 2 weeks, sell mattresses etc?



I want to sincerely thank you for recommending Paharganj!  This was one that was not on my radar, and so far is the best shopping we've found in Delhi in terms of prices and selection for some of the things we're looking for - less chaotic than Chandi Chowk, better prices than Lajpat Nagar and Dilli Haat.  It took us nearly three hours to get 200 meters!

FYI for those who plan on going - we got off at the New Delhi railway metro station, but unless you know which exit to depart from, it's quite a walk to get there, and it's not the nicest walk.  When we left, we took a tuk-tuk that took us to the Rama Krishna Ashram Marg metro, and that's a much closer walk - coming out of the station you go straight and take a right, and if you keep going it goes right into the heart of the Paharganj Main Bazaar.

Happy Shopping!




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