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For me it's one of the most awaited news ever, so I decided to share it with you guys as well! 

Metro Delhi-Gurgaon shall become fully operational by next week!

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Low-floors in Gurgaon soon
On the lines of the national capital, Gurgaon Roadways is all set to introduce low floor buses in the city before the Commonwealth Games. Initially 600 buses will be introduced on 32 routes across the city.
"The 600 low floor buses will be introduced in two phases. In the first phase 350 buses will be introduced and in the second phase the remaining 250 buses will be launched. These will have a mix of air-conditioned as well as non-air- conditioned buses. We have identified 32 routes to run these buses," said a senior transport official. He further said that these low floor buses would provide direct connectivity to Faridabad, Manesar, and New Delhi from Gurgaon. Also the routes of these buses will be so devised that the metro users in the city would be benefited in the absence of a proper metro link service.
The planning for a city bus service in Gurgaon has been going on for a long time. Though, Delhi Metro has extended its reach to Gurgaon, people are yet to make its optimum use as there are no feeder buses or a transportation system to connect the metro stations with the rest of the city.

"Having more buses in our fleet will help to reduce the transportation woes. We have already started bus service on five routes in the city and will add more after feedback from different agencies to improve our services in the city. Apart from it, we are also in touch with the resident welfare associations in the city seeking their suggestion for the routes", the official added.

According to the Transport Department, the process to start the bus service is in the final stage and all the concerned agencies are working hard for a final date. The service will be started before the Games. Almost 75 per cent of the population depends on public transport but the administration has failed to provide them a proper transportation, so far.

"The Metro has reached the city connecting Gurgaon to New Delhi. This will further help us to overcome the problem. There is no proper bus service and people are forced to travel by auto-rickshaws and cabs to reach their destination in the city which is a costly affair. However, the bus service will provide them with a cheap and comfortable mode of conveyance", said the official.

the pioneer

No go yet...

Openning planned for 3rd of September.
Metro Gurgaon-Central Secretariat to be open on Friday 3PM!
A very rainy monsoon season should any moment come to it's end, though there is still a risk to catch dengue fever. Fortunatelly hospitals are prepared for this and there is no shortage of platelets. For more info check the article posted in Times of India:
Gurgaon to get a pod taxi...

Yet another ridiculous idea...
A Radio Tuk Tuk service has started in Gurgaon!

You can now call your rickshaw to your home!




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