Hi all,


there's more than a 1000 of us, here in "Coolest Expat Network in Delhi" ;)


We were wondering, what does the expats community really need from a website like this. I'm an expat myself, but there's dozens of stories and my experience does not have to be relevant to everyone here.


What kind of info would you like to find here? What kind of help, services etc we should provide you?


Give us some hints, so that we could make it better!

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I believe what the expat community needs is to have several events in various placed in order to meet other expats!

Sure thing. We have been doing regular events in the past and we will do so in the near future. Just currently noone of our team was in Delhi, but soon we're back and event's are back as well!


But if it comes to events - what kind of events? Small gatherings only for members? Big parties? More like coffee or like dinner? WHat kind of deals you would look for - fixed price meals or a'la carte with a discount? 


Tell us more so that we know how to plan things!

I would suggest divide the events up. Have a small get-to- know each other lunch/ dinner/drinks at a bar... then once in a while have a big event.

Hey, most definitelly! 


I guess our Coffee'n'conversation format where we were meeting fortnightly for an evening coffee/beer/dinner is what you are talking about. And weekend parties/get-aways.


Yasmine shall be in Delhi next week so we can kick start it - in the meantime - any volunteers here who would like to play hosts when we're not available? We can probably arrange for free food for you guys in that case ;)

well - as you wish ;) we'll let you know, let's wait for yasmine to be back in delhi



i am new in town,  but i can maybe help u  for  those coffee's conversation ... i can try :-)

 let me know what can i do to get them ( i mean those "1000")  to know and have this great  coffee ...?:-)

i am here for 2 years, i have time and i like coffee lol

c u guys

i just signed up ,  do you plan any evenings together for all the members ?

hey Cecilia, it will be great if we do that don-t you think ?



Maybe helping people or providing links to help people find jobs in Delhi as I think people find that pretty hard. Or sharing info of companies willing to hire expats or give them interns. I think this would help people who are looking to stay in India long term....


Just a suggestion.


Take care,


Natalie :):):):)

hey Natalie, sorry i can-t help you with that ...i am pretty new in town , but send me in private what are you looking for, i can ask around ,

what do u think about Cecilia-s idea, we can do something all together ??

c u

Hey Lea,


Thanks for ur msg. Im not in Delhi right now :/. Im hoping to come soon. You and Cecilia should try and organise an event though for members its a good idea. Goodluck if you do.


Take care,


Natalie :):):)




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